We create sustainable and enduring value for stakeholders, built on strong, ethical and enduring values. We have a long-term focus with deep social and environmental consciousness.
Built on a strong foundation
The founding members have given RMH a rich history and tradition of reliability and trust. In a world full of uncertainty, the group intends to build on the enduring values they have instilled.
Intent on delivering growth
By choosing to invest in people and ideas that can unlock value, the group is able to deliver enduring value for its shareholders. The constant growth delivered by the investment in FirstRand over many years has been replaced by a far smaller investment in property companies with the potential to deliver substantial capital growth.
Modern and agile, yet responsible
The ability of the investment team to make rapid decisions, gives RMH the capacity to make good and fast investment decisions.
Considerate to green causes
In making investment decisions, RMH is conscious of the world we live in and the need to protect the planet and its resources for generations to come. This sustainability focus is part of its concern for others, accentuated at a time when the world economy is readying for a proper post-COVID-19 restart and recovery.
Part of a distinguished family
RMH shares not only a rich history, but also the talented individuals that will lead it going forward with its sister company, RMI. The strong familial bond lives on in RMH 2.0 and its offspring.
Led by the right people
Herman Bosman (CEO) has a long and successful association with the greater family, including RMB. Brian Roberts (CEO: RMH Property) has a wealth of experience in real estate. Together they lead the right team for building RMH from its current base.

Corporate structure

RMH’s property investments are housed in a majority-owned subsidiary, RMH Property Holdings Proprietary Limited (RMH Property), managed by a dedicated investment team.

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Investment strategy

RMH, through RMH Property, positions itself as an active, long-term, value-adding, stable and aspirational shareholder.

RMH has and will continue to play its role as a supportive, committed and enabling shareholder, through the cycle, to RMH Property and its underlying portfolio companies in their various growth phases. RMH Property acquires significant equity interests in unlisted property development companies, with attractive net asset value growth return profiles. RMH Property’s investment strategy is to partner with leading and best-in-class development partners and enhance the value of its portfolio companies by leveraging its value-add engagement model to monetise these investments over time and create enduring shareholder value.

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Dividend policy

RMH’s ordinary dividend policy is to pay no dividends, distributions will only be made as assets are monetised.

Group structure

Royal Bafokeng Holdings Limited is RMH’s largest shareholder with a
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JSE-listed with a market capitalisation of R2.3 billion as at 31 March 2021
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RMH Property
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office, retail and industrial property
Urban renewal
Integer Properties 1 Proprietary Limited 9%, Integer Properties 2 Proprietary Limited 20%, Integer Properties 3 Proprietary Limited 50%
Value created and monetised

31 March 2023

Net asset value per share
RMH Property carrying value
(excluding Atterbury Europe)
Share of after-tax profits of associates and joint ventures
(excluding Atterbury Europe)
Net income
(excluding Atterbury Europe)
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