Post the RMH unbundling in 2020, RMH continues to be defined by its value-adding shareholding in its sole remaining asset, RMH Property.

RMH, through RMH Property, has invested in a sizeable investment portfolio of property entities led by best of breed management teams with exposure to South Africa, Namibia, and Mauritius. RMH Property’s portfolio companies conduct their businesses in two focus areas: investments and developments.

RMH Property partners and works closely with its portfolio companies to ensure disciplined capital allocation and to guide, support and challenge them to deliver on their investment and development pipelines in a manner that will ultimately sufficiently deleverage their capital structures, enhance net asset value and produce sustainable earnings and dividend yields. RMH is appropriately capitalised and have sufficient working capital available to execute its monetisation strategy.

As previously communicated to shareholders, the core strategy of RMH remains to monetise the RMH Property portfolio, in an orderly manner, and to return maximum value to RMH shareholders. To this end, RMH Property continues to work on achieving realisations over a four- to five-year period, with the smaller assets being the near-term focus. Any changes to RMH’s stated strategy would be in consultation with shareholders.

RMH Property and portfolio

Atterbury Property Holdings
Atterbury Property Holdings (Atterbury) has significant experience in property development, having developed more than two million m2 of commercial, retail and residential property since its establishment in 1994.

APH has property development, fund management, corporate services and asset management divisions.

The most noteworthy completed real estate assets in APH’s investment portfolio are a 100% ownership of the Newtown precinct in Johannesburg, 100% ownership of the Grove Mall in Namibia, a 20% stake in Mall of Africa and a 10% stake in Ascencia.

The development expertise within APH is unrivaled in the South African market with a core team of development professionals that have consistently demonstrated the ability to manage development risk to deliver shareholder returns.

Integer Properties
Integer Properties (Integer) was formed in 2010 as a partnership between Calculus Capital and Brian Roberts.

The management team identified a funding gap in the property market created by banks providing only 70-80% of funding for new property developments.

Integer’s business model is to partner with reputable property developers who have secured attractive development opportunities but lack the equity to bridge the gap between the development cost and the level of senior bank debt.

Integer provides this equity as an unsecured loan and takes a shareholding in the deal.

Integer focuses on the development and ownership of prime office, industrial and retail properties with strong long-term leases from blue-chip tenants.

The portfolio comprises of new developments and existing income-producing properties.